Tuesday, July 28, 2009

MetaPhynance: An Intro

The MetaPhynance Blog was created as a conduit for offering the economically/financially literate (or just interested) a look into the world of finance from a somewhat abstract, top-down perspective. We'll attempt a holistic-theoretical - yet still applicable - understanding, rather than some narrow, abstruse econometric/inductive prophecy -- ideally. More than likely it will devolve into a forum for posting tendentious nonsense and waxing indignant; would it be a readable financial blog if it didn't?

The author of the Blog(me) is a futures trader focusing mostly on the Indices and Gold. I also do investment consulting work and have my degree in management/finance. Of course that latter fact means absolutely nothing and, if anything, should make you less likely to listen to anything I have to say. Likewise, if you're undaunted by the prospect of listening to a self-righteous, haughty, pedantic, loquacious (see what I mean about that pedantic thing?) A-hole, stick around.

p.s. The Blog will not be restricted to formal content; hopefully a variety of other interesting material will compliment the data, charts, articles etc.

- Jon